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After School Care and Summer Camp


 Our after school & summer camp programs are designed to enrich children's lives with all of the core benefits of martial arts in a positive atmosphere of caring and supportive teachers and role models.

These programs will not only teach children how to kick, punch, and defend themselves but more importantly they will learn self control. Respect and discipline have always been a big part of our philosophy. Therefore children will learn from their teachers and learn the the importance of honoring their parents.

In many of our locations we provide pick up service from local schools.

Our Summer Camp program is scheduled all summer long in order to provide a safe, educational and fun environment for your children. Each week is designed with a specific theme to make learning a fun and exciting experience! The summer activities consist of weekly field trips, swimming, daily Tae Kwon Do classes, pizza parties, games, activities, paper crafting, science experiments, and much more!

Your children will definitely enjoy and benefit greatly from any of our world class programs. 

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Parental Involvement / Family Program


According to the athletics experts at the Educated Sports Parent website, moms and dads can impact a child's experience playing (or learning about) a sport by getting involved.

What better way to show your little one just how involved you are in his martial arts class than joining in? Doing so gives you time to bond with your child, plus it shows him that you are interested in his hobby and allows you to spend time together.

Additionally, joining in on the learning gives you the opportunity to take the training home, practicing together during non-class times. This can provide your child with an extra layer of encouragement and a feeling that you are part of her learning experience.

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Children's Program



Tae Kwon Do trains the body, but does just as much to develop the mind as well.

The objective of learning Tae Kwon Do is to foster growth in both areas in order to become a more mature human being.

Our students receive repeated etiquette lessons along with the attack and defense skills to build and strengthen their character.

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Adult Program



The benefits to older students who begin martial arts after a lifetime of boring gym workouts and yo-yo dieting are plenty.

If they are parents of martial artists themselves, they begin with an automatic advantage. For example, knowing what is expected from students, what the curriculum is, and familiarity with the protocols of a particular class or style can ease the learning curve.

For adults who have no previous martial arts experience or connection, the comfort of a classroom where other adults thrive in martial arts training can be encouraging.

For Seniors, particularly, martial arts training can be life saving:

  • Enhanced ability to focus
  • Adults are naturally goal-oriented
  • Motivation to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Desire to learn self-defense
  • Families that kick together, stick together 

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